1st blog

Hello my name is Kaelyn and I am one of the elite students selected for Propel. I have a very strong passion for art and fantasy. I also am very passionate about memes but that’s not really a legit passion so I’ll stick with art. I plan to do many art projects such as large scale paintings and possibly sculptures. We are currently very busy at Propel with field trips and other activities, so projects won’t be started till next week.

Within the time that I’ve been in this program we have already modified our classroom (for example repaint walls and add décor) and done many teambuilding activities. The first teambuilding activity we participated in was the escape the room. We essentially were locked in a small claustrophobic room and had to search for clues and codes to get out. In all honesty it was very similar to a Zelda game but minus the fantasy aspect.

On another note our class also got a pet fish which we named Darrel (not my idea). The fish has probably been the highlight of Propel so far, he is a precious cinnamon roll too pure for this world. Besides Darrel, we also have many field trips and other activities planned. For example we plan to visit the art gallery sometime next week.

So far Propel is a great, everyone is very kind and I am very excited to start working on my projects and go on other field trips. I’m really lucky to have been chosen to participate in this program.


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